The Facts About Calcium Supplements

Calcium supplements are an important part of your diet...but what we found may surprise you

By, Keith Lesbin
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Calcium supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry- and it's no wonder, as they can be critical for preventing bone loss, reducing the effects of osteoporosis, and even improving your sleep. But did you know that many top supplements contain a type of calcium that's found

That's right, many supplements get their calcium from limestone or marble deposits. If your supplement has “calcium carbonate” or “calcium citrate” listed in the ingredients, then the calcium that you're putting in your body- and likely paying top dollar for- is made from the same stuff that they use to make counters and floors.

While it might not sound that bad in theory- after all, you want rock-hard bones, right?- the problem is that your body isn't designed to process this kind of calcium. It may slow down your bone loss, but most of it simply gets flushed away.

A Better Kind of Calcium

Luckily, there's another kind of calcium out there, made from organic materials like algae and coral. Because this is a more “natural” form of calcium, your body is better able to process it- and even better, it doesn't just slow down your bone loss. It can actually reverse it, helping you re-build your bone density so you can live an active life on your own terms.

In fact, researchers at Katsuragi Hospital in Japan recently completed a 2 year study in which they tested calcium from algae, calcium carbonate, and a placebo on elderly patients with osteoporosis. They found that the calcium from algae prevented new fractures and deformities, while the calcium carbonate...was barely better than the placebo.

Beyond just helping regrow bone density and preventing fractures, here are a few other advantages organic calcium has over its rock-like counterpart:

  • Algae actually “pre-digests” calcium for you, so that you get better absorption and faster results- your bones don't have to wait for your body to break down rocks!
  • Better absorption means that it's much more effective even at lower doses, so you don't have to overwhelm your body with massive amounts of supplements to see results
  • Rock calcium is much more likely to harden in your arteries, creating circulation problems if you take too much. But since you need to take less organic calcium to see superior results, your arteries stay safe and clear
  • Because you're able to get more nutrients in lower dosages, organic calcium pills are smaller and much easier to swallow

All the current research points to organic calcium from algae or coral as the way to go...but there are dozens of these products on the shelves. How do you know which one is best?

How to Choose the Best Calcium Supplement

If you walk into any vitamin store, you can see that the shelves are literally lined with calcium supplements. With a sea of choices and confusing labels to wade through, no one can blame you for just grabbing the cheapest one you see and walking out.

The problem with that strategy, however, is if you get an inferior supplement, you'll just be flushing most of that calcium-and your money- down the toilet.

To get the best calcium for your money, there are a few things you should look for on any label. Besides calcium from coral or algae, these are:

  • Vitamin D3- an essential nutrient, Vitamin D3 helps your body absorb calcium, making sure you get the most bang for your buck. In addition, it helps prevent you from losing bone density, giving you solid bones that are less prone to fractures
  • Vitamin K2- this vitamin acts like a traffic cop for calcium, ensuring that it goes where you need it most- your bones. Without Vitamin K2, you'll get less calcium delivered to your skeletal system, and more calcium in places you don't want it- like your arteries. You absolutely want to see this vitamin on your supplement label
  • Magnesium- this mineral is critical for the formation of strong bones. Basically, if you don't have magnesium, you can't regrow your bone density. You want at least 50 mg of magnesium per serving, so your bones can make proper use of the calcium they're getting
  • Zinc- zinc performs an incredible role in bone formation: it actually “turns on” the genes required to create new bone! However, the problem with zinc is that, unlike calcium and magnesium, your body can't store it- which is why you need it in your supplement, to keep your body fully stocked on this important “bone creating” mineral

As you can see, it's important that any supplement you choose has all of these elements in it, as they work together to create stronger, healthier bones.

The Best Supplement You Can Buy

As we moved down the list of criteria, we were able to quickly eliminate many supplements. For example, we were able to cross off 9 supplements right off the bat, because they weren't third-party verified.

Eventually, we were able to isolate 3 supplements that we think give the best value for your money. Of these 3, though, one established itself as the clear winner.

This supplement:

  • Has all the nutrients required for creating and maintaining healthy bones, and in generous quantities that ensure you feel the effects fast
  • Not only has strong third-party verification, but goes the extra mile by backing their product with a no-questions-asked, 90 day money-back guarantee. That's a pretty strong vote of confidence that most of the other products we reviewed couldn't match
  • Is made by an established supplement company with top-notch support. When we put their customer support line to the test, we were pleased to discover a US-based support team that was both knowledgeable and friendly, helping us resolve our issue in just minutes
  • Is very reasonably priced, despite having a higher nutrient count than any other supplement we found.

So who was our winner? Whole Body Natural Calcium, an all-natural coral and algae calcium supplement from one of the most prestigious names in supplements. A link to our full review of this supplement is below, along with reviews of our 2nd and 3rd place winners.

We're confident this is the best calcium supplement you can buy, but as always, we'd love to hear about your experiences. Email me at to let me know what you think!

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The best supplement we found

6 Rating Factors In Evaluating Calciums:
Is it made from natural sources like coral or algae?
Does it contain the other vital nutrients your body needs to grow stronger bones?
Has it been evaluated by an independent laboratory?
Is it made by an established company with proven customer support?
Do you get full value for your money?
Does the company stand behind their product with a money-back guarantee?

Uses calcium from algae and coral
Packed with zinc, magnesium, and Vitamins D3 and K2
One of the most trusted companies in the business
Third-party verified
Great value
90-day money back guarantee




1st Place – Whole Body Natural Calcium

This was the clear standout of our testing process. If you're looking to build stronger, healthier bones, we recommend starting with this supplement.

Whole Body Natural Calcium contains all of the vitamins and minerals you need to regrow bone density, and in the amounts you need to feel results. This includes coral and algae calcium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamins D3 and K2...and in a gluten-free, vegetarian capsule, making it perfect for all diets.

You can also buy with confidence, as the manufacturer, Whole Body Research, is well-known in the industry for its high standards and commitment to quality. Every batch of supplements is third-party verified, and they stand behind their products with the strongest guarantee in the business.

Given everything that Whole Body puts into its products, you'd expect their Natural Calcium to cost an arm and a leg. However, that's another area where this supplement shines: it's one of the most reasonably priced products on the market.

If you're interested in a calcium supplement, we recommend starting with this one first.

Read the full review>>

Order Whole Body Natural Calcium>>



2nd Place- Source Naturals Coral Calcium

This was another high-quality supplement, but unfortunately couldn't match Whole Body Natural Calcium in the amount of ingredients per serving.

This is more of a straight calcium supplement, which is great, but if you want some of the other vitamins and minerals you need, you'll have to buy additional products. This can drive your cost up beyond what this supplement costs on its own.

All in all, this is a quality calcium supplement, but just not enough on its own to give you comprehensive bone support.

Read the full review>>



3rd Place- GNC Coral Calcium

GNC is one of the most trusted names in supplements, and their calcium supplement doesn't disappoint. However, it has 20% less calcium per serving than Whole Body Natural Calcium, making it difficult for us to rank it much higher.

However, it does offer magnesium and Vitamin D3, which we were happy to see. Unfortunately, it lacks zinc and Vitamin K2, making it incomplete at best.

You will likely see some favorable results from this product, but it definitely lags behind our top pick.

Read the full review>>



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